I fell in love with clay at age thirteen, and developed a passion for pottery that grew throughout high school and college. As an art major I took a variety of classes, but I kept coming back to clay, and ended college with a solo show of tea sets.
I began my professional career as a gallerist in Boston for  many years, working in my family business selling original paintings and sculpture by renowned American artists. It was thrilling to sell fine art and to work with fellow art enthusiasts, but I needed to put my own art on hold. After taking a break to stay home with my kids, I finally set up a ceramics studio and started creating my own art again. 
My inspiration comes mainly from the gardens and woods that surround me every day. I begin most of my work on the pottery wheel, and use a variety of techniques to alter, carve and glaze each piece by hand. I love the challenge of creating artful functional vessels. 
My pottery is meant for every day use, which is why I use stoneware fired to over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. All of my glazes are non-toxic, and all dinnerware and serving pieces are glazed with food-safe glazes and are microwave and dishwasher safe. I hope that my creations will be cherished for generations.